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Kaiyo's Blank Paper Asignment :icongriever789:griever789 3 2
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Excepts from Kaiyo's Magic book :icongriever789:griever789 4 37
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The Aftermath of Punishment :icongriever789:griever789 3 35
Mature content
Kaiyo Can't Catch a Break. :icongriever789:griever789 4 18
Mature content
Dealing with the after effects of wild Magic :icongriever789:griever789 1 37
An Explanation of Kaiyo's Wild Magic
I figure I should establish more  how exactly Kaiyo's wild magic works. In general Kaiyo magical abilities and her soul are forever entangled with the concept of chaos by way of an obscure dangerous desperate ritual she did a long while back. What this means is she can now draw her magic solely from the abstract concept of Chaos which is one of the more powerful and oldest forces in the multiverse. This in turns makes her magical reserves insanely high, however it comes with a cost every spell that takes anything more then the smallest amount of effort is now completely unreliable.
Every spell under ideal circumstances has roughly ¼ a chance to fall outside Kaiyo's control. Those idea circumstances are basically she has a magical focus of some sort, she not extremely stressed, and is acting under her own power. Without a focus her chances fall to 1/3 and with stress it can fall down to ½ failure rate. However when she is being mind controlled all spells just automaticall
:icongriever789:griever789 4 25
Mature content
Kaiyo's New School Uniform :icongriever789:griever789 5 10
Kaiyo battle sheet. :icongriever789:griever789 2 5
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A Normal Day at Melfar for Kaiyo :icongriever789:griever789 3 19
Kaiyo Arrival at Melfar
“ your majesty despite a lower amount of manpower this year the spring festival preparations seem to be going right on schedule.” A professionally dressed pixie said.
“That's great news Florence, I'm glad even after recent tragedies we can still have a fun event to raise everyone's spirits.” A human sized figure in regal dress and large butterfly wings calmly stated.
Suddenly everything started to shake all around the Palace grounds,  Florence quickly hid behind the large gold plated throne while the Queen maintained a neutral expression from her seat. A large molten rock crashed right through the stained glass window near the ceiling and impacted the palace floor with a sizable crater. A scarlet hair pixie wearing a leather jacket flew into the palace with a look of absolute anger, her body crackling with wild magical energy. Winifred snapped her fingers casually and summoned a small rain cloud to cool down the molten rock quickly.
“Why hello Ka
:icongriever789:griever789 4 23
Kaiyo Negato Id (Melfar Academy) :icongriever789:griever789 2 29
Melfar Academy Profile
[Name] Kaiyo Negato
[Age] 19 fairy years....who the hell knows how they convert to Earth Years though.
[Academic Group]
Freshman (Student)
 A female humanoid figure roughly around twelve centimeters, has insect like wings in the back. She has rather pale skin, her eyes a light mustard yellow. She has a rather long unkempt trail of scarlet red hair with the tips being a dark pink that goes down to slightly below her toes. When not forced to wear a school uniform she wears what looked to be a tight leather jacket with black spandex pants. Wearing a pair of ridiculously high heeled boots with an absurd amount of spikes on them, and a pair of spiked arm bands on her wrist.
Always fancying herself as a rebel, Kaiyo was rather infamous back in her realm for being difficult to keep under control. She in general doesn't really like to be told what to do by anyone, if rules are forced upon her she'll just think of ways to use them to her advantage or go around th
:icongriever789:griever789 6 31


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I for one love the ultra beast in Pokémon 
My Maid Rpg Charecter
Was trying out the charecter creation in Maid Rpg. For those who do not know Maid rpg is a rpg where you randomly generate a maid charecter and do anime maid stuff. If that sounds like your cup of tea here a link on where to buy it…
Current Status Having Existential Angst about the concept of death..

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Kaiyo was standing over the end able just looking over the blank piece of paper Beryl gave her as homework. She didn't say what to do with this piece of paper, she effectively just told her to figure it out. It at least wasn't reading the text book and answering a few questions, but it still was kind of bullshit in Kaiyo's opinion. Kaiyo knew it wouldn't be smart to ignore the cat girl again though considering how dangerous she'd proven to be, being able to somehow negate a wild burst  of hers all together. Those few days without magic being forced to attend class and do homework were particularly atrocious.  Not to mention getting back her wild magic after a week of being numb to it felt like the worse hangover she ever had.

” I'm wish I could just tell that cat ear prick where she could stuff that piece of paper…. Well that's not very nice...Shut it” Kaiyo thought to herself, her mind still having some leftover brainwashing.

Kaiyo needed to figure out exactly what Beryl wanted her to do with this piece of paper. She knew if she didn't Beryl would probably punish her again. But trying to figure out what was in the cat girl's head was difficult at the best of times. At times she acting silly and airheaded and yet other times she spouted out surprisingly profound wisdom. Her mind was an enigma, and honestly Kaiyo preferred to keep her distance from this particular teacher outside of school so she knew even less then the average person would.

“Wait figure out what's in people's heads, isn't there a spell like that in my book?”” Kaiyo said to herself

Kaiyo pulled out her “trusty” spell book “The Simpleton's Guide to Doing Badass Spells.” from her pocket space and started to flip through the pages. The book having over ten thousands visible pages took awhile to find what Kaiyo was looking for, especially since she wasn't entirely sure where such a spell could even be found. After a few minutes of flipping through pages though, Kaiyo managed to find a chapter that she hoped would be useful “chapter 264 Divination”.  The small pixie remembered that chapter being surprisingly short, only about two or three pages. She didn't  bother reading it though since Divination didn't sound like it could do the destructive things she likes in her spells.

” You will notice that this chapter is much shorter then every other chapter in this book. The reason for that is Divination while useful at times tends not to get caster's kil...I mean do the badass things that you aspiring mages love to do. However in my universe every spellbook is required to have at least three or four divination spells in them. Yes this is another annoying concession I'm forced to concede to from those bastards in the wizard, sorceress, and cleric united council.  Well lets get this over with then, the first spell helps you locate any object…….and finally the fourth mandatory spell I have to list here will let you gaze into the mind of anyone within five thousand miles. This spell is very useful for things like finding out secret spells your colleagues want to keep to themselves, figure out what they are plotting against you, and finding out if they are the bastard stealing your lunch from the break room fridge when you are magically obligated to never touch fast acting poisons ever again in your life.  Of course most people with secrets worth knowing have mental protections but hey if you read to this chapter without dying you’re probably good enough to break through it...maybe..So here are the instructions on what you need to do for this spell…..

After an hour of digging around in her hammer space to find some incense; she sat down on her bed with her legs criss-crossed. The spell was simple enough, think of your target and what you want to know from their mind and extend your magic. After a couple of false starts, the spell seemed to have started to work. Her magic had located the Catgirl Professor and started to try to penetrate into her mind; that moment is when things felt very wrong. As she tried to dive into her mind, suddenly Kaiyo could feel a foreign magic starting to pour into her body.  The magic itself felt just as wild as her own magic, and when the two forces interacted Kaiyo could feel her control slipping from her. Judging from the multicolored fire igniting her body it was a particularly bad wild surge. Before her mind could comprehend more though, her eyes closed themselves and the world around her started to fade into black.

Kaiyo woke up with a rather splitting headache and a lingering taste on her tongue that felt like the unpleasant aftertaste of a lot of sweets. The only comforting thing really was what felt like piles upon piles of silk blankets over her tiny body. She almost didn't want to wake up, but her headache wouldn't let her go back to sleep. As her eyes opened  to the world around her what she saw around her was rather shocking.

“What the fuck?” Kaiyo whispered to herself

The first thing Kaiyo noticed was that the sky was a bright neon pink, with clouds of multiple pastel color. Looking around Kaiyo seemed to be no longer in her room, but instead inside a large open field. The grass however upon closer inspection turned out to be green licorice, and her ears then started to noticed rather synchronized singing coming from strange flowers with faces that seemed to be dancing around the field without care.  Piles of half eaten cakes, discarded candy, slowly melting mountains of ice cream, and other confectioneries littered around the area. Kaiyo then noticed her stomach just felt awful, almost feeling like she's going to puke.

Looking down on herself Kaiyo saw that she wasn't covered in layers upon layers of blankets, she was wearing a rather frilly pink dress. Those blankets turned out to layers upon layers of petticoats making it difficult to even get up to her feet, luckily though her wings with a little difficult managed to pick herself off from the ground. For a moment Kaiyo was fearful that her surge had sent her to another unknown universe, but after a bit of flying she found a place where the green licorice ended and real grass started to grow. Looking up at the sky outside of the border of green licorice grass, the sky was it's normal blue color.

“Wait I know this place, it's just a few miles from the dorm. So the question now is what the hell was that? Wait was sun there a few moments ago...oh shit it been four hours!” Kaiyo said to self “I still haven't even started on that blank paper project.”

Suddenly the nausea came to a climax as Kaiyo started vomiting. However instead of the usual contents of vomit, she expelled a pink powder from her mouth that tasted like some sort of flavored sugar. After a few moments the flow of powder stopped and she expelled one last small burst of magic. The magic materialized into what looked to be a paper craft that somewhat resembled Beryl.

“...Ok then I guess I found what I'm going to turn in tomorrow. A little sucking up to the teacher never hurt anyone's grade.” Kaiyo muttered to herself as picked up the little paper figure and flew back to her dorm.
Kaiyo's Blank Paper Asignment

This is an entry for task 13 from the Melfar Academy group.

Yeah...I took far too long to make a new entry for Kaiyo..I got a job so that leaves me creatively dead at the end of the day lol.

Beryl is owned by GoodKittyNyanchan

A tag by ,:iconockward: who picked Kaiyo among my characters

1: Post these rules
2: Post 8 facts about your character
3: Tag 8 other characters
4: Post their names along with the creator's avatar (which I can not do since I don't know people)

1. One of the weird minor effects of chaos magic is it changes your taste in food very often. One day Kaiyo can be in love with cheese and the next week she'll despise it.

2. She a bit of kleptomanic, a bit of a left over trait from the bad days in her world. Steal things to fuck over her owner.

3. Her favorite spells are the ones that involve big explosions.

4.  In her world stuff from other worlds can just randomly drop from the sky.

5. She been considering stealing a cow so she could make a new leather jacket.

6. She really hates hedgehogs

7.Butterfly nets reduces her magical powers.

8.She likes to hitch rides on peoples heads, usually without asking.
  • Listening to: Undertale
  • Reading: Dnd 3.5 player handbook
  • Watching: Sailor moon crystal
  • Playing: Hyrule warriors legends
  • Eating: Jellybeans
  • Drinking: Live wire mountain dew


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